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FLASH TIME: The Discovery & Meaning of Cyclic Time

By Jules Boles

‘Many books claim to change world thinking, but Flash Time really delivers’ JR, Teacher.

‘Hugely impressive and very well written’ JF, Physicist, UK.

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  • Flash Time is being called the biggest discovery in history. Yet how could the greatest claims of the experts possibly all be wrong? Very easily, and many realise the need for an entirely new world view. Flash Time is the first book ever to explain the fascinating evidence for Cyclic Time, and do so in simple terms. The experts made just one key error, and then nothing fitted their theories. 
  • No book has ever shown such a gigantic mistake to overturn the research of so many fields, changing the work of Einstein, Hawking, Darwin and others in all the greatest theories ever invented. How? They all missed Time repeating in short circles. 
  • The author, unable to believe the astonishing results of this research, spent 40 years trying to disprove them. That only added more proof, so now a cash Prize is offered to anyone who can ‘disprove the proof’. Take the dinosaurs. Clearly someone has, with only 653 found, when there should be literally trillions of dinosaur skeletons to find if Time really was a long line. 
  • This easy-to-read tornado of simple facts takes the house of modern science off its foundations in one move. It changes what we thought we knew. Big Bang theory is history after this, which should not surprise us, since even the Oxford Dictionary of Cosmology admits it may never have happened, yet experts and the public alike are unaware of these answers. Flash Time finds fresh results for our idea of Time right across all human knowledge, so that even our vision of the solar system and the human mind are profoundly altered. Not only does Cyclic Time solve our deepest mysteries, it also answers questions we never thought to ask. 
  • Boles explains the answers with great enthusiasm and dry humour, with an outcome none of us imagined was even possible, let alone factual. The challenge is that no-one can prove the cycle wrong…. so far no-one has. A famous trilemma suggests they never will. 
  • Illustrated with 68 pictures. 

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