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Wade Allison special book pack

By Wade Allison

Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear


Nuclear is for Life: A Cultural Revolution

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Radiation and Reason RRP £15.00

The human race is in a dilemma; it is threatened by economic instability on one hand and climate change on the other. Either of these could lead to widespread unrest and political turmoil, if the right choices are not made now. 
In particular, prosperity without carbon emission implies a comprehensive switch in our sources of energy. With luck, the activity generated by the process of switching will also contribute to prosperity in the short and medium term. 
There are many solutions – wind, tidal, solar, improved efficiency – but the most powerful and reliable source is nuclear. However, it is widely supposed that this presents a major problem of safety. Is this long-held concern about radiation and nuclear technology fully justified? 
Straightforward questions should have simple answers, and the simplest answer is No. Explaining and exploring the question and this answer in accessible terms is the subject of this book. 


A seemingly lone voice cries out in the wilderness..., Written for non-technical audience, but has enough rigor and references to be solid. Much needed perspective on relative technological risks - this kind of critical thinking must seep into general society or it's back to a 'demon-haunted' world.” Amazon

Nuclear is for Life RRP £20

This is not a physics book, it is a popular science book but really about cultures. This subject defies pigeonholes covering: History, Economics, Environment, Nuclear Issues, Energy resources and Health & Safety Issues.

Is nuclear the answer to carbon-free energy? There is every reason to welcome it and none to reject it. Life has evolved protection against radiation, and high doses are used to cure cancer. Nuclear radiation is rarely life-threatening: for example, at Fukushima there was no radiation casualty at all. The evidence from such accidents, from medicine, from the physical and biological sciences - these all tell us that the increased use of nuclear should be safe and beneficial to life on an over-crowded planet. Current radiation regulations are not based on science: they come from 70 years of social reaction to a phobia. How did this happen, historically? This book provides explanations and answers to many questions. With an open informed culture, it concludes, nuclear energy could supply carbon-free electricity at low cost. Nuclear power should be freed from science-blind restrictions and so help save the planet as we know it.

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