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Ireland and the EU Post Brexit

By Ray Bassett

The likely effect of Brexit on Ireland and its long term relations with the EU and the UK

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In the parlance of the Anglo-Irish Desk at the Department of Foreign Affairs an

Ambassadorship is described as the Red Hat and is regarded as one of the highest offices 

available. I was informed by a Taoiseach that Ray Bassett had turned down several offers of

the Red Hat because he wanted to stick with the Northern situation. He was also one of the

key figures in the brilliant Irish diplomatic team that did so much to bring about the Good

Friday Agreement, only after it concluded did he accept the Ambassadorship of Canada.

Bassett then can be taken as a man with insights into the higher reaches of Irish Government

policy. One may not agree with the conclusions of his vision but one is inevitably reminded

of Voltaire’s dictum that although one disagreed with someone’s opinion, one should defend

his right to hold it to the death. Provocative and stimulating are two words that occur when

assessing Ray Bassett’s work and one should read this book to find out why.

Tim Pat Coogan is Ireland’s best-known historical writer.

A distinguished former diplomat, who cares deeply about his country. Bassett has been widely

criticised by the Irish establishment for daring to air uncomfortable truths about Dublin’s

response to the UK’s Brexit vote. This caused him personal distress. Yet he has continued

regardless, speaking out against “rising Anglophobia” in Ireland, while imploring politicians

on both sides of the Irish Sea to get beyond the poor and short-term decision making that

has characterised our collective history. For that he deserves deep gratitude and respect –

not just in the Republic of Ireland, but among the citizens of its nearest neighbour too.

Liam Halligan, economist/author/broadcaster and award-winning British journalist.

Bassett’s Ireland and the EU Post-Brexit fills a remarkable gap in the literature on Ireland, its

relationship with both the European Union and Great Britain, and -not least- the implications

of Brexit. This book should be required reading for any intellectually honest and informed

discussion of future relationships, consequential policy alternatives, and the possibilities

surrounding conflict and peace in the region and on the continent.

Dr Bonnie Weir, Lecturer in Political Science, Yale University.

Here’s a fact worth repeating ad infinitum: In this country the bank bailout hit us at 25% of

our GDP; Germany 1.5%. Yet our media and political establishment have never really hit a

discordant note whilst singing the praises of Brussels. Is there some sort of collective myopia

or amnesia at work here? Bassett seems to have been absent from that particular singing

session. Thank God!

Pat McArt, author and former managing editor of the Derry Journal.

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