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Paka Mdogo - Special book pack

By H S Toshack

Special book pack: Paka Mdogo: Little Cat, The Gradual Elephant, The Meerkat Wars

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Paka Mdogo: Little Cat

A clever and cheeky little black and white cat who sneaks off on an African safari with the Allen family...

Her journey into the heart of Baragandiri in search of the Allens, after she has become separated from them... Terrifying encounters (mainly involving teeth) with the wild animals there... Nyanya, an old but ferocious lioness, who plans to attack Thomas and Amy, the Allen children, while they are asleep in their tent... Only Sheena can save the children. But first she must find them.

The Gradual Elephant

Mpole is a 12 year old African elephant who has been forced to leave the Herd. He must now prove himself by passing The Seven Tests (Mitihani Saba) so that he can become Accepted as a young male. Mpole's problem, however, is that he does things gradually...and that includes thinking. How can he possibly succeed?

With the help of Sheena, perhaps - the clever (and cheeky) little black and white cat who has sneaked back to Baragandiri National Park with the Allen family on their second safari there. But a test much bigger than Mitihani Saba awaits them...

The Meerkat Wars

It’s all very well helping a young meerkat who’s been poisoned by a scorpion.

It’s all very well helping a young meerkat who’s been poisoned by a scorpion.

But when you’ve made friends with the whole Duwara tribe of meerkats, and you discover that they’re at war with the Utongo, you may find yourself involved in that too, even if you’re only a little black-and-white cat.

And when you realise that the two tribes are fighting because each one believes it lives under The One True Sun, then you may have to undertake a very dangerous journey to help them see things differently.

You may have to go through The Gorge.

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