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Author: Claire Mear

Claire Mear

During my mid-teens, I was abruptly taken from school and placed into the long-term care of social services, my parents had had enough of me, I never saw them again. With one art O'level and an HND in fashion design and textiles, I forged ahead into my twenties where my daydreams were fast becoming a crazy reality.

I began in 1987 by creating looks for fashion magazines and styling pop stars such as Kylie Minogue, but this was never enough. After spending a year travelling around India, trying to find myself, and witnessing my first dead body, I hit a moral intersection. A change of lifestyle was necessary. At age 33 I joined London Ambulance Service, as an emergency medical technician, tending to London's most sick, injured and vulnerable, experiencing death and the dying on an almost daily basis.

Between each decade and transition of Claire, I continued to backpack my way around the world. Working through an assortment of mind-body-spiritual teachings and practices. I experienced first-hand many third world traditions and customs to do with the processes of death and dying. This extensive inner work resulted in long periods of depression as I reached new levels of consciousness by constantly purged issues relating to my neglected childhood and continued parental rejection, followed by a successful decennary episode of personal ego-death and the rebirthing of the newer yet slightly older versions of Claire.

In 2013 at the age of 46, still a medic but this time working on feature films, I was delighted to fall pregnant with my first child. Sadly, two days before her due date Molly died. This is where my book begins its journey. In 2016 alongside my heartbroken husband Brian, we created a music festival called Mearfest.org in memory of Molly. This unique music event conveys awareness of the plight of all baby loss, where we also give grieving fathers a safe place to talk about their own baby losses.

My souls' contract, has a very definite thread that picks and pulls itself through this life's complicated tapestry. There is no doubt that through so much personal loss, tragedy and pain endured within this lifetime as Claire, now at the age of 54, and with a continued positive mental attitude, it has been a life lived to its fullest with great heart-warming successes.

I currently reside in North Norfolk by the seaside with my husband Brian and our 4-year-old daughter, yes, that dream of being a mum finally came true. My mantra is to keep asking for whooping great miracles, say yes to absolutely everything, and never give up! This is my first self-published book and another impossible dream achieved.



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