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Author: M V Harland

M V Harland


MV Harland

Mark launched his literary career with Your Country Needs You - how prophetic was that? Even the Prime Minister is quoting from the book!

Three satirical novels now complete the trilogy, but other genres are in the pipeline. Rumour has it that a James Bond novel might surface soon - subject to permission from the late Ian Fleming's Trustees! His Australian novel, Her Place in the Sun, has caused ructions Down Under and has led to a new monthly column called Sunburnt Pom's Notes from the Old Country. Sunburnt Pom is rapidly assuming a character and identity all of his own and the website www.sunburntpom.com will be live soon.

Having suffered the trauma of dealing with useless mainstream publishers in the past, Mark is a great believer in small Indi Press, and the great community spirit of online bookstores like ypdbooks.com.



MV Harland


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