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Author: Samuel G Sterling

Samuel G Sterling

Samuel G. Sterling, having been exposed to a rich-mix of cultures from his birth in Bombay; upbringing in London; international trekking; not to mention his own diverse heritage, help spark the 'culture-vulture' passion in him. His passionate drive to explore 'true diversity', awards him the 'super-rich' tapestry of life--catalyst for creativity, his motto: 'Taking fun seriously'.
Infused with heart-warming sensitivity, his multi-layered stories are enhanced by larger-than-life characters and tempered with humour. He has directed a number of creative documentaries: Le Slumdog de Bombay; Rule Britannia and Poochies of Bombay.
As a feature film script writer, his creations are diverse; across complementary genres: Baby-Bébé; Traffik-King; Los Cartel; Santa-Claustein and the Popo Gigi adventures in development--singular in style with vivaciously enthralling narratives. Employing 'scalpel-wit' as agent provocateur, he dissects and exposes the status quo--we believe in.
As a novelist: Popo Gigi ... the earlier years, is the first of a trilogy: prequel to the eponymous feature film Popo Gigi ... Shakespeare Goes Bollywood ... completing the trilogy is Popo Gigi ... Now wanted in Hollywood.


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